September 19, 2009

Faith Comes By Hearing...for FREE!

We have been listening to this dramatized audio bible over the summer, and Levi especially loves it.  He sits in the school room staring at the speakers, or tries to look through his bible to match the pictures to the story he's hearing (which often is followed by the occasional frustrated screech when he can't match up the exact story, or when the story is over by the time he finds the pictures).  We were missing a few of the beginning stories, and I just happened to receive an email newsletter about this site yesterday.  I went to their website to complete our files and was delighted to discover all the options.  They have 442 versions/languages available to download for FREE!  We have the KIDZ bible, which is the New International Reader's Version, dramatized by enthusiastic people with British or Australian accents.  Also included are 60 songs like "Let's Go Pharaoh," to the tune of "We Will Rock You."  Next we downloaded the Spanish New Testament, Dios Habla Hoy, which I plan to use to help the children and I with our Spanish when Papito isn't home.  It would be a great way to introduce your children to another language as you can play it in the car, around the house, wherever!