July 23, 2010

2010-2011 Curriculum

It is finished!!  Well, for now anyway.

I got great inspiration and started planning on May 1st, thinking to myself "Wow, at this rate you'll have the whole year done in a week."  Then came June, then July, lots of family visiting, vacation, graduation, exhaustion, and when I finally got to sit down at the computer...ZERO creativity!  Just when I was about to throw in the towel, it came.  Mostly when I laid my head down to sleep at night, but I'm not complaining.  At least the inspiration came!

I have been working on a two-year multi-level plan that I could just rotate through from ages 3-6.  I want the main focus to be on the bible and memorizing God's word, while integrating all other aspects of learning into that.  I also understand that math and language arts need to be taught at each child's instructional level...so how do I put it all together for children of various ages?!?!  Whew, I did!  (I think...hehe)  All right, enough commentary, here's our plan...

Bible:  Every week we will be focusing on a character trait, Bible story, and memory verse from the Joyful Heart Character curriculum at Hubbard's Cupboard.

Language Arts:  Picture Dictionary with friends and family, Kidwriting, Zoophonics, Sight word and Alphabet readers

Math: Math Their Way activities, Workjobs, Pattern Block books, Number Journals

Everything Else:  Will be integrated into our monthly themes.  I would like to focus on a different habitat per month (Forest, Ocean, Arctic, Rainforest, Farm, etc.) going deeper into our zoo friends that live in that habitat along with some super fun science and art activities.