January 30, 2011

Week 21 - Review

Last week started with the focus of getting back into our routine...then the fever virus spread throughout.  We even had to relocate Jungle School on Friday, sending our friends to the park without us.

I took advantage of my children lethargic on the couch, to put up a few posts I missed in December.  Enjoy!

January 23, 2011

Jungle School - Hanukkah Edition

We started back up this week with a Hanukkah celebration!  Why?  Good question.
Levi has been telling everyone since before Thanksgiving that we are going to celebrate Hanukkah this year, and I WAS planning on it.  The website I used to find the dates of the biblical holidays (I'll spare a plug for them right now, since they had the wrong information...hehe) had Hanukkah beginning on December 21 so that's when we planned to begin our celebration.  When I sat down to print out a few resources on December 20, I realized that Hanukkah begins on December 21...in 2011.  We had missed it for 2010!

Then we decided to wait and celebrate with the Grandma's.  Well, we ended up getting all new furniture the day after the Grandma's arrived, resulting in a week's worth of rearranging the house.  By then they wouldn't even be with us for eight nights (the length of the traditional Hanukkah celebration), and the perfectionist in me gave up.  I'm trying to overcome that perfectionism this year, so I fought back...and we had a fun Friday morning celebration in January with our Jungle School friends.

Look for eight days worth of awesome lesson plans next year, but here are a few activities we enjoyed this year.
- Playing with our Little People Hanukkah set

-Making dreidels out of Lauri pegs and Trio blocks (...the colorful creations on the table in the photos above.  They spin great!)

- Everyone's favorite...making edible dreidels!  Poke a pretzel stick into one end of a marshmallow and spread a little peanut butter on the other.  Unwrap a Hershey's kiss and stick it on the peanut butter end to make your own yummy dreidel.