September 17, 2011

Cat Day

We had an alumni drop in to visit this week.  Peter came to hang out with us for the day!

He thought it was way cool to point and sing the Days of the Week song while Levi worked on his calendar notebook.

Then we did our TLC art project for C!  We work on body parts while waiting for everyone to catch up.  “Put your paper on your elbow!”

I love these projects because even though everyone follows the same directions, each one is so unique.  

Each cat is sitting on a rug, but everybody added their own touch (cat, mouse, rockstar glasses, and....banana?  Silly Sissy.)

I know I will soon regret this, but we were having a cat face contest at the dinner table.  Papito had to get the camera to capture the moment...He thought my eyebrow was hilarious.

September 10, 2011

Pretzel Spelling

We were at the pool when I hear “Look Mamita, I can spell ‘beep’ with my pretzels!”  By golly he did...and correctly too!  (Well, before he flipped the P.)  hehe

Your word choices are a bit limited when using regular pretzels (although B, e, p, d, and o can be made with some quick nibbling).  However, add some pretzel sticks and your vocabulary grows rapidly.  I think we might make pretzel spelling a weekly sight word activity around here!  hehe