About Us

How Jungle School got it’s name…

During our walk the other day

“Mamita, what school do I go to?”  
“Well, last year you went to STEPS, and...” 
(interrupting me) “...but not anymore!  Now we have school at home, but do you know what school I want to go to?
“Tell me.”
I wanna call it “Jungle School!  I want to learn how to climb in Jungle School.

Not exactly what I had in mind, but ironically appropriate for this time in our life.  Turns out, that’s what I’m doing too...learning how to climb.  

I started out as a public school 2nd grade teacher, then Kindergarten teacher in California.  Then moved to be a private school Kindergarten teacher, curriculum coordinator, then stay at home mommy in Panama.  When my two monkeys were 1 and 3, I decided to try and combine the two, becoming Preschool Teacher/Mom (teaching with both my children enrolled in the program) for a year.  I am happy to say that after 7 years of teaching, I am officially retired!  I am choosing to stay home and begin the homeschool journey with my precious children.   

My son wants to learn how to climb in Jungle School.  As I thought for a minute, that’s what I’m doing too.  Looking for the strong vines to hold me up in this dense jungle of life (and trying not to be deceived by the wobbly ones you touch and they come crashing down bringing half the tree with them!)  For our family, it is a heavenly goal we are climbing towards, working our way higher and higher until the adventure ends.   

I suppose, Jungle School it is.