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Please hang in there...

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I really had no intention of being such a flaky blogger this semester.  
My husband and I have been working full (spare) time since August to get the Jungle School website fully functioning.  It will have last year's character curriculum laid out in detail, and eventually be a place that houses all the printables I've created in my Kinder-teaching years.

I thought the website would be ready by the time school started in August, but here we are almost to November.  (insert sigh here...)  I have still been writing posts in the meantime, but not sure whether to put them on our school blog, website, or new family blog. 

I’ll let you know when the transition is complete, but thinking a realistic goal is January 1.   Just a warning that until then, random posts might appear at any time as I get everything where it should be.  Thanks!!  

I promise it'll be worth the wait.  ;-)

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