November 3, 2009

Bible Review, Part 2

Scholastic Read & Learn Bible $14.99

My favorite for ages 5 and up!

Again my criteria included: 1) number of stories included, 2) quality of illustrations, 3) age appropriate language, and 4) text size.

1) Although this is a “story bible” (meaning a collection of stories rather than the complete text of the bible) it is a rather complete collection of 102 stories. I only found 2.5 stories not included from this year’s curriculum (Elijah listening to God’s voice, the Wise and Foolish Builders, and the half because David celebrating in front of the ark is barely covered.) 

2) The illustrations are simple, yet very culturally and historically relevant. Great for the primary age group as it is still very colorful and inviting, yet the more realistic illustrations give it a non-babyish look.

3 & 4) The print is large, making the text easy to read and understand.  It is paraphrased specifically for young readers using the CEV and KJV. I appreciate how they tried to give accurate accounts and not edit out key details. Instead, they highlighted words in bold, then explained or gave interesting information about them in a text box at the bottom of the page. This is a double bonus as it helps children develop skills to read informational text, and at the same time sparks interest in and a deeper understanding of God’s word.

Another bonus is a 40 page section at the back of the book, encouraging parents to share the Word with their children through 20 lessons on understanding topics of the Christian faith like worship, prayer, etc.

Love the price too!

Note:  Be careful searching for this online.  If something comes up at $29.99 it is probably the computer game...NOT the bible!

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