October 31, 2010

Week 12 -Review / Pumpkin Theme

This week, we spent time reviewing the bible stories and verses we have covered so far this fall, as well as our zoo friends a-j.  They love to look back through their binders, singing songs and revisiting favorite activities.  I don't have any trouble with them wanting to make up work, as it really bugs them to see a blank or unfinished page in their binder.  hehe  (Do my genes have anything to blame for that?)

We also did some basic assessments, took Wednesday off to celebrate Levi's birthday, and filled the rest of our school day enjoying some pumpkin activities.   

Pumpkin seed names (They cut their pumpkins independently, then I traced one letter at a time in glue, and had them use those fine motor skills to put on the beans seeds ;-)

Pumpkin Pyramids (I gave them 6 orange squares, a yellow piece of paper, a scrap of green, and they did everything by themselves!  After cutting their pumpkins, I had them stop so I could explain how to make a pyramid, then on they went.  Levi had to write his name on each pumpkin, and Ary wanted hers to be happy.  hehe)

For our cooking day, we decided to make some Pumpkin Pie playdough.  It was a big hit with the children (and JungleMama's too.)

For our Friday edition of Jungle School, we had a fall sensory day (with our pumpkin pie playdough and fall sensory tubs) and carved a pumpkin using this Pumpkin Prayer.  Then each child gathered some seeds to make Pumpkin Seed Windows.

Check out these links for more great pumpkin ideas:

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