February 20, 2011

Week 26 - Review / Valentine's Day

Printables for this week:

We spent this week reviewing our bible stories, learning about Peewee Penguin (Peter's favorite!), and celebrating Valentine's Day!  Some of our favorite activities were:

Making handprint gifts for parents
(Print on pink cardstock for a more festive look)

Conversation Heart Math
(Counting and Sorting, then Graphing using an awesome printable from What The Teacher Wants blog.  Click here to go to her post with a free packet of Valentine's Day math fun! )

Heart Pigs

For our Fun Friday edition of Jungle School, we had Penguin Day!
We set up our Igloo tent to read some arctic stories in...

Then created some edible penguins out of olives, carrots, and cream cheese!

We made a (cream cheese) igloo to display them on,
surrounded by a (ranch dip) icy blue ocean.

I had never made these penguins before, but obviously they are old hat to others.  Check out this blog post by Emily Bloss for step by step instructions for making every type of olive penguin you can imagine!


  1. The penguins are so cute! I love seeing what you're all up to. Keep on keeping on...

  2. Thanks Sharon, they were super easy!