April 20, 2011

Rediscover the Resurrection - Day 4

Wednesday - Passover/Last Supper (Luke 22:14-21, John 13:1-17, )

Tonight we rediscovered the Last Supper by having our own Passover.  We cleared out the school room (as I knew I would be much more relaxed with grape juice spilled on foam mats versus the living room carpet), and made a short table out of the laundry basket and tray.  The children helped me set places for everyone in the family, including Bibi and Judah (who ended up sleeping through it.  hehe)  They also set out a pillow for Jesus, then decided to set one for Elijah too, after reading about the Jewish tradition.  

Here is what our Seder plate contained:

- a candle (Partylite brand that burns like red liquid, very cool)
- 4 glasses for the four cups
- a plastic lamb
- parsley and a bowl of salt water
- 3 pieces of "matzah"
- charoset (I put two apples, a splash of grape juice, a few dried apricots, and handful of almonds in the Vita-mix)
- horseradish (not pictured, because I could not find it anywhere!)

I used a combination of two great resources to guide our night.  The first was a great post called A Messianic Passover Sedar for Families with Young Children written by Jennifer @ Getting Down with Jesus.  The second is a step-by-step guide, with biblical text and a script for the leader all included in a printable booklet.  I purchased the entire Biblical Holidays book, but you can now download just the Passover guide for $5 at the Heart of Wisdom link.

These combined resources weaved together the Exodus story and the Last Supper in a way that kept everyone's attention, and taught even the grown-ups many new things!  

Highlights included:

-Washing each other's feet just like Jesus washed the disciples' feet

- Serving each other communion (and the irony of the grown-up being the one to break the glass, hehe)

- Searching the house to find the Afikoman, "Mamita, can you just give us a little hint?" and a few minutes later, "Mamita, what about if we play the hot/cold game."  hehe

For more activities:

- Mighty Moses Scavenger Hunt from se7en

- Passover Platters from se7en

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