April 25, 2011

Rediscover the Resurrection - Everyday!

"Now what?"  That was my children's response after finding Jesus out of the tomb.

I think that happens with many.  It seems like with holidays the build up is so exciting, then the day passes, and the celebration is over...right?  Well, that's the best part of the Good News.  On Resurrection Monday (and every day thereafter) the party is just beginning!

We were talking today about what happened to Jesus AFTER he rose from the dead.  I love it...he broke all the rules, AGAIN!  hehe  You would think if Jesus were going to appear to anyone, it would be his disciples.  First he appears to Mary Magdalene (out of whom he had driven seven demons), then to Cleopas (not a well known follower), and finally Peter (who denied him three times), before appearing to the eleven.  Why does that matter?  To me it says, "Jesus can't be put in a box!"  He breaks the mold.  It didn't matter what the people of the day said about women, or how popular or well-known you are, and He didn't hold a grudge against a good friend who denied his existence.  He knew exactly who needed to hear from Him and He spoke!

He is as alive today, as He was 2000 years ago when He rose from the dead, and the most awesome part is "He still speaks!"  How do I know?  It's simple.  I hear His voice.

What got me all worked up today, well this crazy video.  It is a group of people who hear His voice in Texas and they danced their shoes off and gave them to people in need, just because He told them to.

P.S.  I know I'm having posting issues once again...will have time tomorrow to figure it out, but today I'm gonna Dance My Shoes Off too.  ;-)

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