August 25, 2011

Bible Memorization Reward - Heart Date!

I’ve been thinking for awhile on how to approach bible memory this year.  

In the past we’ve been part of a larger group, so the easiest was for all of us to focus on the same verse every week.  However, with two more “official school years” under his belt, Levi has already memorized our alphabet verses.  So, I was looking for a way for them to have flexibility in their verses and to work at their own pace.  I also wanted to motivate my children to memorize scripture, but didn’t really want to use “stuff” like sweet treats,  money, etc. as rewards. 

Enter the lightbulb moment (thank you Holy Spirit) ... a Heart Date!

I created this little worksheet to slip into our Bible Memory binders.  Every time they memorize a verse, or “hide it in their heart” like Psalm 119:11 says, we write the verse inside their heart.  When they have 5 verses written down, we celebrate with a heart date.  Each child gets to choose an activity they love or that is “dear to their heart,” and include whomever they choose.  Some ideas we brainstormed were:

- bake a cake with Mamita
- have an entire afternoon of playing with Papito
- invite some friends over for a tea party
- go to the movies as a family
- go bowling
- have a picnic at the park
- make bananas spilts
- have a lego party

So as you can see, it doesn’t have to be some expensive outing, mostly engaging with your children in something that they enjoy doing.  If it is easier for your family to make a list together beforehand, go for it.  My children are still young and easily swayed my enthusiasm.  hehe  

Here are the printables (with a couple options so you can customize them depending on how fast your children memorize scripture.):

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