August 16, 2010

Jungle School Fall Schedule 2010

Here is our Jungle School Fall Schedule.

The week number corresponds to the lesson plan covering that character trait at the Hubbard's Cupboard website.

For the Dictionary column, I listed the animal friend we will be working on, then left space for you to write down your friends and family that start with the letter.  See the Prayer Dictionary post for more info.

Note for Panamanian Jungle School participants:  I wrote down the date we would be meeting to introduce the lesson.  For example, August 20 would be the introduction day to week 2 (Attentive, Samuel, Bubba Bear), then you would continue week two the following Monday through Thursday.  In the our home, we will be ending the week with our Friday session, that way I can work out the kinks and post the weekly blog the weekend before you would begin.  Make sense?   

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