August 15, 2010

Week 1 - Creation

We had a great first week of Jungle School!  I was expecting a lot more resistance, as we went from two months of pure vacation mode to a very structured school schedule.  Although it is just a class of three, I feel as exhausted as with 20 Kindergarteners!  I am very glad to have structure back though, and I think the addition of Peter really helped with getting in “school mode.”

Here are some photos of our highlights:  

Getting their own pencil boxes, who knew it could be so much fun!  All they have inside are a new box of crayons, scissors, a pencil, and gluestick, but they are a treasured possesion.  We set out some magazines and construction paper for cutting and gluing practice.  They had never used a gluestick independently before so we practiced with our glue song to the tune of Farmer in the Dell,  “A little dab will do, A little dab will do, We don’t use too much glue, A little dab will do.” 
Peter with his airplane creation
Levi focusing intently

Making the animals "orderly"

Being so orderly she refused to cut her pages,
and just wanted to glue them on “perfect,”
her favorite word as of lately.

We also broke out the playdoh.  We tried creating man and bringing him to life, but learned that only God's spirit can breathe life into creation.  

We finished off the week by doing an adaption of the Creation Layer Snack (from  Here’s what we used (sorry for the blurry photo):

Day 1- a scoop of ice cream and chocolate syrup for light/dark
Day 2 - mini-marshmallows for the sky
Day 3 - ONE sprout for a tree to plant (which the boys dug out before they ate, and Aryelle refused to let touch her bowl in the first place...but it looked cool!)
Day 4 - sprinkles for the stars
Day 5 - Goldfish crackers for ocean creatures
Day 6 - Animal cookies (and 2 gingerbread men would’ve been perfect)
Day 7 - Top it off with whipped cream for God taking a rest

I used these sequence cards (from to help us visualize the days.

Printables for this week include:

Jungle Life

We went to meet our new cousin on Thursday.  Isn't she beautiful!
The monkeys were very excited to hold the baby.

By the end of the day on Thursday, they were exhausted too.  They fell asleep on the way home from the hospital, and dropped again for an extended power nap.  Wow, Jungle School is such hard work! 

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