August 30, 2010

Prayer Dictionary

Living far away from lots of family and friends, I am always on the look out for ways to help keep those connections strong.  This is a great opportunity to tie in family, prayer, and language arts all at the same time!

Since we have limited wall space, we are doing a revised version of the Friend and Family Word Wall explained here at Hubbard’s Cupboard.

To make the actual dictionary, you will need:
- 1/2“ binder
- 26 sheet proctectors
- Dictionary Cover (to personalize it, you could glue a photo of your child praying on top of the clip art)
- 26 sheets of white paper 
- Name sheets  (Here is a Word template I created to be able to type in the names and add photos in the boxes.  In case that doesn’t work, here is blank pdf version you can fill in yourself (in your best teacher printing of course.)  ;-)  If you print a contact sheet of photos from whatever photo program you use, they should be just the right size.

Here is a sample of the template complete on the left, and blank on the right.

I am using uppercase letters specifically because we are only putting names in our dictionary at the moment.  I have another idea for lowercase letters on the next round.  

For non-Zoophonics users:  If you would like simple pages with uppercase letters, simply print out pages 2-27 of the Alphabet Book from Homeschool Creations (click on the image of the book to download the pdf).  If you would like pages with both upper and lowercase, you can print out a cover and alphabet pages by going to the Hubbard’s Cupboard link, then clicking on Friend and Family Name Binder Sheets.

Note: We are in a bilingual environment with half the names in English/half in Spanish.  In order to make pronunciation less confusing (”How come ‘Jose’ is on the J page when it starts like Honey Horse?“) Spanish names will be a different color.  Since I am only including first names, we will also be practicing titles in English and Spanish as we go over our names every morning.  

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